Monday, February 15, 2010

12 Weeks to Go!

While we have been watching the snowy weather reports for the East Coast "Snowmageddon", the weather out here has actually taken a turn for the better! We had a gorgeous weekend, sunny with the high about 67. This break gave us a little bit of spring fever and we took a nice long long walk around Campbell. People were running, biking, shopping and lounging out at the restaurants.

I mention these high spirits and fair weather because I think the baby room, as it slowly comes together, reflects those sunny spring feelings, perfect for a spring baby. Actually the the only reason the baby room is coming together at all is because of my mom's most recent trip out here - which I'll get to...

Before her trip, the room formerly known as The Office, was a beige wreck. It was the only room in the house which we had put no thought into, and although it was featured in TheUnclutterer Blog for compact and efficient work space for two, it definitely lacked any inspiration. In search of ideas, I was torn because this is a major room in our small house, I did not want it to be VERY "babyish", if that makes any sense. I also wanted it to be feminine without being overly girly - Bob has to live here too! LOL

So I purchased this rug to help me along my design path. I fell in love with it and figured, so many colors to choose from - it should be easy! Ha! In fact there were too many options - which just overwhelms me!
The rug arrived while my mom was here and we gathered just about EVERY paint swatch from Home Depot. After we meticulously narrowed down swatches and hung to see in both day and night - my mom holed herself up in the room for 3 days painting (Bob helped with the bigger portions) - she even painted the bathroom vanity and trim!! I had even designed this striped wall - which took a while because of the amount of colors and detail - I helped tape it off, but did not help because of the paint fumes.

In addition to the paint - Bob and I had litterally ripped out the walk-in closet and put in a complete wrap around shelf system so I can continue my quest for ultimate organization!

My mom is like me (um, I guess I'm like her) in that we like to see projects finished. So it was 9:00PM on a Wednesday night and she had a 6:00AM flight out on Thursday and we were pulling everything back together - I told my friend Kim it was like the movie Weird Science where little knick knacks were coming in at the last minute! But we did it!! My mom got to see the fruits of her labor and it turned out great! THANKS MOM!
There are still small projects and minor details like THE CRIB LOL that need to go in there but it was refreshing to get so much done in a small amount of time. Getting the room ready also helped me be a little less anxious for Baby Girl Briski's arrival - my doctor had actually suggested this to me when I told her I was getting bored with the pregnancy - and she was right - renewed spirits! Which brings me full circle to our latest weather - I hope my spirits (and the weather) will stay fresh for the remaining 12 weeks.

Sneak peak at the room and latest bump - picture taken yesterday - more room pics when it's complete :-) What you don't get from this picture angle is that the room is predominately orange. The striped wall is actually a very short wall where the crib will go.