Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family food and Football: Hawaiian Edition

T-minus 20 hours until we leave for Hawaii, it only makes sense that we do this theme.

Ok I know it looks like baby octopus, but it's hibiscus flower in the champagne. Remember our games are usually at 10AM


Pineapple and....

Did I mention The Zimmers are moving back? Woot... Liver watch out!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Family, Food and Football: Italian Edition

A win against the Lions today!

I explained the premise of our Sunday Foodie Football days to a colleague at work (and a Raider fan) and his eyes lit up and he said in a patronizing tone, "ooooohhhhh the Steelers haven't had a losing season in so long that you are JUST learning to cope now- as a Raider fan, football has not been stressful for a while"

Menu: Caprese salad, meat and cheeses, meatballs, eggplant parmigiana and tiramisu. And Chianti.

And crazy kids
The cousins trying to overtake Bob

This is how Zara sleeps...

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family, Food and Football: Thai Edition

Go Steelers, nice win today over the Bills. We are 3-6. Thank goodness we can focus on the food.
Menu today:
Mian Kum (Shrimp lettuce wraps), Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup), Yam Woon Sen (glass noodle salad) and of course Thai beer.
The glass noodles were interesting. We told the kids they were "jellyfish legs" and they surprisingly wanted to try them and ate a bunch.
After cooking this weekend, I realize I don't really care for "fish sauce" and when I eat my Thai dishes and think they are too salty/sour that is what I taste. Blech. Btw if you are wondering what fish sauce is... It's the RUN OFF liquid collected from barrels of fermented anchovies. Yeah.
Heidi's cookbook

It wouldn't Steeler Sunday without a cousins princess party
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