Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY: Tinker Bell Shoes

Santa couldn't find Tinker Bell Shoes, so we made our own today.

Here's how we did it.
Disclaimer I saw this on another blog...
First, I bought some plain silver shoes in Ayla's size at Target for $14.99 and I put blue paint tape inside to protect from the glue.

Used a seam ripper and nail scissors to gently rip off the bow

I mixed two kinds of green glitter with glossy Mod Podge in a disposable bowl.

And started to paint onto the shoe

Ayla even painted one of the shoes herself.

Once all painted, I added glitter to surface and blended in with brush

While the glue dried, I took some yarn and created little tuft balls

I hot glue gunned the balls onto the shoes

Finished product! Not too bad.

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