Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spooky Kooky Spider

Ayla's Grammy bought a spider costume for her this Halloween, unfortunately it arrived after she had left for daycare Halloween party. We dressed her as a leopard kitty (previous pics). So we decided to have her wear the spider on Sunday (actual Halloween). I think the costume arriving late may have been a blessing in disguise because it was so big and unwieldy on her that she only wore it for about 1 hour at our neighbor's party. It's definitely a costume for a baby who can already stand - we'll definitely get better use out of it next year!!

more pictures on Flickr (see side panel)
One other thing of note is that it's sooo obvious that Ayla is Bob's daughter and sometimes when I put her face right next to mine the only resemblence is the color of our eyes. While going through her spider pics I noticed a recurring face that  seemed familiar and at first I even thought of my brother Kenny, but then I realized I had seen it before in my baby pictures. Bob has said that we have the same facial expressions LOL

See Ayla at 6 mo compared to my 6 mo baby portrait

Autumn is in the air

Watching kids play soccer at the park

Cute hat from Aunt Gail finally fits my head just in time for fall!

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