Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beach Day Cheerleading competition

Today our team took first place at the first competition of the new school year. Last year, 19 of my 23 girls moved onto high school, and we had to rebuild. Last year's team was very special in so many ways. But this new team has also showed so much heart and growth it's been fun. They are very young and eager and I am so proud of the performance they put out on the floor today. We even had to sub in an alternate last minute for a sick team member and the team took to the changes like pros!

How cool is this setting? Sun, sand and surf surrounding the raised performance floor set in the middle of the beach and next to the boardwalk which hosts roller coasters and rides. To anyone from Pittsburgh, I would describe the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as KennyWood meets Ocean City.
Mama's Beach beauties.

Daddy and Ayla had fun on all the rides and running in the sand. A couple of my girls saw Bob and Ayla and thought they were so cute together so they candidly took a photo and sent to me

Beach Baby

Zara and Ayla around same age/ same hat... Kinda look a like, but not really- the shape of their heads is completely different.

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