Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ayla INSISTED on wearing EVERY bracelet from her jewelry box to daycare today.

Like mother like daughter - although I was 7 when I hit this phase, not 2

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Monday, May 28, 2012

How to make a perfect Cheer Bow

The Bow
You really can't argue with buying a professional bow for competition or games, BUT nothing beats a fun bow for rallies, camp or just a nice pick-me-up for the team to be festive and fun

Optional Supply
Cut about 3 feet of your main ribbon
Glue on any additional trim or accent ribbon
fold over like the cancer awareness ribbon shape
Then I gather the top of the loop and connect it to where the ribbon crosses

Then I use a clear plastic hair band to keep bow formation in place
(some people use rubber bands I like these clear ones, they are tighter)

After the band is in place I play with the loop and
length a bit until I have the desired bow shape 
Then I add a dot of hot glue to the back to secure
careful not to touch the hot glue to the band,
it will melt, snap and lose your bow shape 
Voila! But we are not done...
Cut a small piece of ribbon to tie around center
and include the hair band

I tie a double knot, some people sew in a stitch to secure, but I am lazy...
I trim the edges to balance the bow and lightly singe
the edges of the ribbon so they don't fray
After that, line with some clear nail polish to lock

Ta Da!! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Free - for the moment

Ayla had a bad day today - or so that's what I could tell. It could be because she stayed up too late with mommy last night, it could be the "pressures" of moving to the big girl class (and consequently away from her little boyfriend "Zay-ya" (Isaiah)) , it could be that she really was trying to "use her words" and they just weren't making sense to either daddy or I, or she really just had a BAD day plain and simple. But she just wanted to cry and cry.
Oddly, many little things have been culminating for me too, and when I was holding her in her rocking chair... she just tightly hugged me and cried and cried. I never got annoyed, angry or upset at her crying... and for a moment - I realized I was envious. Really. Sometimes you have no particular reason, or can't explain, but you just need to let it all out (and be hugged and rocked) in an understanding environment. I longed to go there and understood at the sametime that I couldn't and had to be there for her. It was strangely sublime.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morning Photoshoot

Little strawberry dress

More hops...

YouTube Video

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