Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last minute trip to Monterey to visit the aquarium. We were triple booked with events on Sunday and scratched them all to do our own thing, sometimes you just gotta do that. We headed down Saturday night and stayed over.

Loved the otters - we went back 3 times to their exhibit.

Port hole

Touch pools. Sea cucumbers are gross


This dark room was so cool, Ayla was afraid at first. It was an optical illusion - she couldn't tell where the glass was and the water started.

Wave crashes over you

This isn't a plant... It's a sea horse!! Crazy.

Chillin on a jellyfish

Then we headed over to Lover's point. We told Ayla we got married here and she asked if I was going to put on a white dress ...

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

Bob had a pretty low key birthday (compared to the 'ol party days), but we still had lots of events and love to go around.
Ayla knows Daddy's favorite color is green and she kept tabs on me to make sure I provided as much "green" paraphernalia as possible : green card, green balloons - exactly 2 (I don't know why) and green cupcakes.
I made Margarita cupcakes and Malted Milk Ball cupcakes.

Ayla already picking out HER cupcake.

Dancing with Daddy

It is now custom for Ayla to sing happy birthday to Bob.

YouTube Video

Bob also got some fun singing texts from our BFFs in Texas and another from all their kiddos (quite the choir!) loved it!

We also got a sitter on Friday night and went to Sachin and Shoshana's amazing restaurant, Allspice in San Mateo which now has a Michelin star!! So yummy. We went with our friends the Moeller's whom we love but never ever get to see. Makes each little visit more exciting ;-)

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Princess Sashes

How to make princess sashes and other princess party favors...

- Ribbon that is at least 3" wide
- Scissors
- Iron on transparent transfer paper
- Iron
- Small gum bands

1. Cut about 48" of ribbon, fold in half and iron a crease in the closed folded side

2. Fold the ironed end down about 2 1/2 inches and iron again

3. Flip the ribbon over and at the folded, ironed end begin making 1/4 inch accordion folds (about 4 to 6 folds). Then iron to shape.

The purpose of flipping the ribbon is to have the first and last accordion folds face the back

4. Pinch the folds in the center to make a fan shape and wrap the elastic band around the center

5. Next the decals.
Feel free to use my iron on template here.
Remember to choose "iron on paper" as the media type for your printer (so it prints the mirror image)

6. Cut the decals out and place on the sashes and iron in place (I personally don't like all the extra "gloss" from the transparent paper so I cut as close to the print out as possible)

7. Tie another elastic band (and embellish with extra ribbon) at open end or wait to custom tie around the girls
Finished products

I made a separate one that said "Birthday Princess" for my daughter and added jewels to it

For the boys I bought foam swords and crafted shields out of thick poster board and foil paper. I didn't get any pics of the boys! But here is Cinderella wielding her mighty sword.

Additionally, I bought the princess cookie cutter set from Amazon and had cookies supplementing the cupcakes.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Royal Princess Party Invitations

I have been meaning to post this for a while... This invitation I created has a layered effect and lives up to its royal party. I created for my daughter's 3rd princess party.

Creating Royal invitations:
Girl versions

Boy's version of the Royal Invitation

The pattern: I created this pattern by hand. I will post a link to the pattern here (check back this week) that you can print off, trace and cut the pieces. I cut out all the doors and turrets first out of paper card stock that has all kinds of neat patterns to really accent the castles.
1. Cut the castle frame

2. Tri Fold

3. Add the doors and the castle tops

4. The inside
A. Paste picture:
On the inside I printed then pasted a picture of princesses or some royal scene (eg knight and dragon)
B. Information:
I then pasted a sheer or semi opaque paper over top that has been printed with the party information (only put paste at the top)
C. Embellish
I add a ribbon and/or jewel to the top

5. Final touch
I cut out carriages or horses and pasted to the front door as if they were waiting out front.

6. Envelopes
Printed names with Sir or Princess preceding and taped rings for the girls

I was able to use only supplies I already owned - hence the variety between each invitation - but I liked that.

Up next: How to make Princess Sashes for the party
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