Monday, July 1, 2013

Royal Princess Party Invitations

I have been meaning to post this for a while... This invitation I created has a layered effect and lives up to its royal party. I created for my daughter's 3rd princess party.

Creating Royal invitations:
Girl versions

Boy's version of the Royal Invitation

The pattern: I created this pattern by hand. I will post a link to the pattern here (check back this week) that you can print off, trace and cut the pieces. I cut out all the doors and turrets first out of paper card stock that has all kinds of neat patterns to really accent the castles.
1. Cut the castle frame

2. Tri Fold

3. Add the doors and the castle tops

4. The inside
A. Paste picture:
On the inside I printed then pasted a picture of princesses or some royal scene (eg knight and dragon)
B. Information:
I then pasted a sheer or semi opaque paper over top that has been printed with the party information (only put paste at the top)
C. Embellish
I add a ribbon and/or jewel to the top

5. Final touch
I cut out carriages or horses and pasted to the front door as if they were waiting out front.

6. Envelopes
Printed names with Sir or Princess preceding and taped rings for the girls

I was able to use only supplies I already owned - hence the variety between each invitation - but I liked that.

Up next: How to make Princess Sashes for the party
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  1. These royal princess party invitations look fabulous! Thanks for sharing! Even we too enjoyed the fun at our nephew’s royal inspired first birthday bash that had been hosted at the prettiest Los Angeles venues. The décor over there was stunning and in the menu everything was really delectable.