Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

Bob had a pretty low key birthday (compared to the 'ol party days), but we still had lots of events and love to go around.
Ayla knows Daddy's favorite color is green and she kept tabs on me to make sure I provided as much "green" paraphernalia as possible : green card, green balloons - exactly 2 (I don't know why) and green cupcakes.
I made Margarita cupcakes and Malted Milk Ball cupcakes.

Ayla already picking out HER cupcake.

Dancing with Daddy

It is now custom for Ayla to sing happy birthday to Bob.

YouTube Video

Bob also got some fun singing texts from our BFFs in Texas and another from all their kiddos (quite the choir!) loved it!

We also got a sitter on Friday night and went to Sachin and Shoshana's amazing restaurant, Allspice in San Mateo which now has a Michelin star!! So yummy. We went with our friends the Moeller's whom we love but never ever get to see. Makes each little visit more exciting ;-)

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