Sunday, July 24, 2011

I think I have created a monster...

Ayla LOVES jewelry. Not just the shininess of it, or the token of a necklace around her holder, but really LOVEs all forms of the precious adornments. She knows exactly how to get into my jewelry organizer (trust me I have made only the costume easily accessible) and I have caught her out of the corner of my eye knowing exactly where the bangles go and admiring them on her arm.

Well yesterday after a nap, she wouldn't let me continue with her lunch until she got a ring off my finger. She tried pulling both my wedding bands on my left hand and the plastic ring on my right at the same time (greed!) until I gave up the plastic one. The pictures I snapped can only give a glimpse, she put it on her hand and was ecstatic and completely pleased!! That is until she tried to eat it because she thought it was candy...
Note post-nap bed head

My precious...

Inspecting how it performs on her hand...

Happy squeal of sheer delight digitally caught forever

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Campbell Music in the Park

Summer Thursday nights in Campbell are always an easy way to get out and do something with a little one. Music in the Park provides social gathering for friend and neighbors, pinic and fun for kids and entertainment (not just from the band but characters in the crowd-believe me!)
Last night a bowling pin was escorted out of the park - too funny.
Where's Waldo? Bowling Pin?

We tried to take Ayla's picture with the pin, but the massive costume was a bit intimidating even for her bold outgoing personality, no tears, but no hi- fives either.
People watching

Ayla with our friend Joe

Another appearance was one of Ayla's daycare boyfriends spotted her from across the crowd and came over to eat some blueberries with us. His dad remarked that he didn't know where his son learned to take handfuls of food and shove into his mouth (ah hem from Ayla - guilty confession if you have ever seen me eat popcorn - you get the idea)

Speaking of daycare boyfriends, apparently Ayla has two that she likes to give hugs and kisses to, and last week her caretaker texted me a picture of her caught in action...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer dinner...

Enjoying one of these rare warm nights in California having a great summer dinner cooked by the hubby

Summer dinner turned into an evening porch lounge over a bottle of wine, yum!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Cute in under 3 minutes

I tried to split up this video into shorter bits to accommodate our over scheduled lives and shortened attention spans, but I just cant. To see it in it's entirety is to love and understand the art subject and the context in which it was shot... Of course the grandma's will appreciate it a bit more than anyone else.
It's 2 mins and 48 secs, so take a quick break to watch and enjoy instead of reading some gloomy news website, I promise it will make you smile.
This is Ayla and I hanging before daddy came home from work on Friday, but Bob does make a guest appearance in the end so don't give up on the video early. Thanks to Ellen for the hand-me-down toy, the joy gets passed on :-)

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ayla gives Gabbi a kiss and Gabbi informs us on the latest wonder pets' plot

YouTube Video

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Monday, July 11, 2011


She's getting bigger and bigger and sassier and sassier...

But she's still my Silly Billy

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Already bi-lingual...

YouTube Video

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July 2nd quick recap

In the morning we biked to the park to play...

Hmm, maybe next year...

Then we headed over to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Heidi's, where there's no better way  of celebrating the 4th than having a staged tank battle...

Then we had a table fire pit outback where Kenny smoked us out by throwing catnip on the flames (it's supposed to ward of mosquitoes - but ultimately sent the Briski's away)

Many more pictures from the 4th weekend to come!! Needed to just get started or I'd never get them out.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Music in the park

Ayla in her chair

Daddy in Ayla's chair

Ayla and Abrie sharing blueberries

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