Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Cute in under 3 minutes

I tried to split up this video into shorter bits to accommodate our over scheduled lives and shortened attention spans, but I just cant. To see it in it's entirety is to love and understand the art subject and the context in which it was shot... Of course the grandma's will appreciate it a bit more than anyone else.
It's 2 mins and 48 secs, so take a quick break to watch and enjoy instead of reading some gloomy news website, I promise it will make you smile.
This is Ayla and I hanging before daddy came home from work on Friday, but Bob does make a guest appearance in the end so don't give up on the video early. Thanks to Ellen for the hand-me-down toy, the joy gets passed on :-)

YouTube Video

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  1. I LOVE the video AND Ayla. So cute! I think she's going to be a dancer like Mommy!