Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

FYI - pumpkin on right completed free hand - yeah that's right!! NO stencils or anything; Boo-ya!

Ayla helping Daddy draw the "ear"

This beast was so hard all of our knives literally bounced off of him. I had to drill "connect the dots" to carve him

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My dad loves me...

And Ayla and Bob's massive sweet tooth love the treats He sends...
Halloween chocolate covered strawberries, Eat n Park cookies, and I'm-afraid-to-eat-the-crazy good-looking cheesecakes.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

My little Witch

Today was Ayla's school Halloween party. I'm sorry, but almost every little girl had on a store bought - Disney labeled princess dress. Don't get me wrong Ayla is DISNEY PRINCESS OBSESSED. Which is why I started working on her early, planting in her brain how awesome it was going to be to dress as a Halloween Witch! You can be a princess all year, but you only get to be a scary witch once!!!
I made her Tutu and sign and customized her Hat and skirt.

If you are wondering about the "Bad Witch" sign - the other side says "Good Witch". Ayla decided she would be BOTH kinds of witch

Ayla was also completely transfixed with the "evil queen", Malificent (AKA Maya's mom), she kept tabs on her the whole party, but I was proud when Ayla asked for a picture with her...

Pre party silliness

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Spooky Glam Skulls

spooky glam skull

I saw these glitter glam skulls on sale at a local boutique for $35. I used 2 ceramic skulls I bought at the Dollar store last year and supplies I already owned. Net cost $0
If you had to buy supplies, I would estimate $7-$10 still quite a savings.

I mixed black glitter with a deep magenta glitter to get a spooky yet iridescent look.

Illuminating spooky glam skull

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Campbell Oktoberfest 2012

Every year we participate in Campbell's annual Oktoberfest 5k and festival. This year we almost didn't make the 5k - Ayla had been sick the day before, was up every other hour all night and so cranky that morning - but the thought of being cooped in the house with a cranky baby was too much and once we got out of the house she settled and was a real trooper all day.
Beautiful fall morning in Campbell

Riding like Queen Sheba

When is this race going to start

All in all we had a good race - Bob left me in his stroller dust (even after I hung out with him at the clustered start line too crowded for strollers)

Then we came home, showered and put on our Oktoberfest Wardrobe (for both Kari AND Ayla) compliments of Kimberly Gerber

Abrie and Ayla

Talking with the Campbell Fireman

Driving the truck...

Then my favorite - the beer stein contest. There were 2 "heats". I held the stein of beer for 5 mins and some change and was the last girl standing and beat lots of men - but, most importantly (funny, because nothing is really important about this!), I beat my time from last year.

This guy had the best time overall 9 mins 8 seconds

Oktoberfest cousins celebrating Gabbi's big win today as goalie for her soccer team!

Anja(really from Duetschland), Abrie, Kari, Ayla

By 4 PM we could barely walk home, we were SO beat and all 3 of us dozed off on the couch together
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sick day with Ayla

What always surprises me is that it doesn't matter how sick Ayla is, her spirit (and appetite) is always high.
Good news though, this unexpected Dr visit doubled as a boo boo follow up and her stitches look "really good". Also, the doctor promised Ayla that she doesn't need to wear band-aids anymore (see *addicted to princess band-aids)
leaving Dr office- I had to snap this pic because I had a moment of "OMG my baby looks like a full fledged little girl" and it scared the hell out of me - but she still looks damn cute...

After a 3 hour nap she's a little silly and really hamming up the camera - it's too funny to stand

YouTube Video

*addicted to princess band-aids
Well, I had seriously made a huge mistake introducing these special Band-aids into her sphere of life but... Hey I can't shield her from everything. Recently I had just weaned her from band-aids convincing her she didn't need one for every bruise and here comes an honest to goodness reason for needing Band-aids. She even refused "glitter" band-aids at the Dr today telling the pediatrician (looking her in the eyes) "I NEED a princess band-aid."
Fast forward 9 hours...
Ayla is in bed, Bob and I are downstairs watching Prometheus and I thought I heard footsteps and i think, "she did have a 3.5 hour nap today and, honestly, if she's not coming out of her bedroom what real harm can be done" ... Creak the door opens. I hear Ayla say, "I have my Baid-aid stuck in my hair". I come upstairs and canNOT help but laugh out loud... Ayla had 6 band-aids clustered in her hair and 1 extra on her chin. And everyone I pulled out resulted in a cheer for the princess. Any Dad would have cut them out.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Kenny

Okay I took ZERO pictures of Kenny, or his cake or of the family BUT I did catch the "fashion girls" (dubbed by Gabriella) in action with grandma. And yes I am TERRIFIED of these cousins in their teenage years

Puckering for the picture

Putting lipstick on grandma

Gavin getting in on the fun

Girls watching Gavin's technique

Ok Gavin's turn is over...

Is it on straight?

More is better

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012