Sunday, October 14, 2012

Campbell Oktoberfest 2012

Every year we participate in Campbell's annual Oktoberfest 5k and festival. This year we almost didn't make the 5k - Ayla had been sick the day before, was up every other hour all night and so cranky that morning - but the thought of being cooped in the house with a cranky baby was too much and once we got out of the house she settled and was a real trooper all day.
Beautiful fall morning in Campbell

Riding like Queen Sheba

When is this race going to start

All in all we had a good race - Bob left me in his stroller dust (even after I hung out with him at the clustered start line too crowded for strollers)

Then we came home, showered and put on our Oktoberfest Wardrobe (for both Kari AND Ayla) compliments of Kimberly Gerber

Abrie and Ayla

Talking with the Campbell Fireman

Driving the truck...

Then my favorite - the beer stein contest. There were 2 "heats". I held the stein of beer for 5 mins and some change and was the last girl standing and beat lots of men - but, most importantly (funny, because nothing is really important about this!), I beat my time from last year.

This guy had the best time overall 9 mins 8 seconds

Oktoberfest cousins celebrating Gabbi's big win today as goalie for her soccer team!

Anja(really from Duetschland), Abrie, Kari, Ayla

By 4 PM we could barely walk home, we were SO beat and all 3 of us dozed off on the couch together
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