Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sick day with Ayla

What always surprises me is that it doesn't matter how sick Ayla is, her spirit (and appetite) is always high.
Good news though, this unexpected Dr visit doubled as a boo boo follow up and her stitches look "really good". Also, the doctor promised Ayla that she doesn't need to wear band-aids anymore (see *addicted to princess band-aids)
leaving Dr office- I had to snap this pic because I had a moment of "OMG my baby looks like a full fledged little girl" and it scared the hell out of me - but she still looks damn cute...

After a 3 hour nap she's a little silly and really hamming up the camera - it's too funny to stand

YouTube Video

*addicted to princess band-aids
Well, I had seriously made a huge mistake introducing these special Band-aids into her sphere of life but... Hey I can't shield her from everything. Recently I had just weaned her from band-aids convincing her she didn't need one for every bruise and here comes an honest to goodness reason for needing Band-aids. She even refused "glitter" band-aids at the Dr today telling the pediatrician (looking her in the eyes) "I NEED a princess band-aid."
Fast forward 9 hours...
Ayla is in bed, Bob and I are downstairs watching Prometheus and I thought I heard footsteps and i think, "she did have a 3.5 hour nap today and, honestly, if she's not coming out of her bedroom what real harm can be done" ... Creak the door opens. I hear Ayla say, "I have my Baid-aid stuck in my hair". I come upstairs and canNOT help but laugh out loud... Ayla had 6 band-aids clustered in her hair and 1 extra on her chin. And everyone I pulled out resulted in a cheer for the princess. Any Dad would have cut them out.

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