Friday, July 22, 2011

Campbell Music in the Park

Summer Thursday nights in Campbell are always an easy way to get out and do something with a little one. Music in the Park provides social gathering for friend and neighbors, pinic and fun for kids and entertainment (not just from the band but characters in the crowd-believe me!)
Last night a bowling pin was escorted out of the park - too funny.
Where's Waldo? Bowling Pin?

We tried to take Ayla's picture with the pin, but the massive costume was a bit intimidating even for her bold outgoing personality, no tears, but no hi- fives either.
People watching

Ayla with our friend Joe

Another appearance was one of Ayla's daycare boyfriends spotted her from across the crowd and came over to eat some blueberries with us. His dad remarked that he didn't know where his son learned to take handfuls of food and shove into his mouth (ah hem from Ayla - guilty confession if you have ever seen me eat popcorn - you get the idea)

Speaking of daycare boyfriends, apparently Ayla has two that she likes to give hugs and kisses to, and last week her caretaker texted me a picture of her caught in action...

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