Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mark Your Calendars...

Today I am officially 36 weeks and 3 days and I have gained 23 lbs. Also today, we had an ultrasound to check the baby size, because of my gestational diabetes. Usually babies with GD get too big. Everything is on track but the baby's stomach circumference is "behind schedule" or smaller than expected. The doctor is concerned the baby may be fighting for nutrients from the placenta.
She said you would want to see the baby fattening up by now and suggested I stop working - but really, I work from home in front of a computer so Bob and I had a chuckle and he suggested that instead, I stop running up and down our steps for tools and my many house "projects".
For example in the last week I have hack-sawed out a kitchen cabinet shelf, hung a spice rack, upholstered and hung a window cornice and put together a baby seat. Also we frequently walk into town and I guess no more walking to my Dr appointments.  The doctor also said she wants me to eat more - which is difficult when trying to stick to my GD diet! The doc said, "Beeee a placenta". What does that mean??? Anyway, we'll continue to monitor twice a week with the NSTs and do another U/S in 2 weeks to double check on the baby.
Oh and FYI I finish up work next week. I promise no laps while I'm on conference calls.
Now for the news... The doctor said with this concern, she wants to take BGB at 39 weeks. Today she scheduled that on Sunday night, May 2nd I will check into Los Gatos Hospital to start induction. She said I'll likely deliver around dinner time Monday May 3rd. The doc said she has a very positive induction success rate and that only 13% turn into C-Sections. Margarita on Cinco de Mayo anyone?? JK.... kind of.

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  1. oh, kari! you look utterly fantastic. i think i gained 23 lbs in my right butt cheek alone :) i wish i were there to give your belly (for me!) and your feet (for you!) a rub. can't wait to me GirL.