Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mitochondrial DNA

Today is a very special mother's day, indeed. Not only am I able to enjoy my first with a very beautiful little girl, but both Bob's mom and my mom are in California to share and celebrate with us!!

I almost made this post before I gave birth, but I thought it was more apropos to wait until Mother's Day...

Here is a snapshot of Ayla's "Mitochondrial DNA"
Me with my Great-Grandmother (Marie Elizabeth Lofe), my Grandma (Marjorie Kovacs), my mom (Jeanne) and her sister, my Aunt Sharon (Drake)

Mitochondria are exclusively inherited from the mother. Because of this, researchers are able to trace maternal linage far back in time and is very useful in studying evolution and migration (of species) as well as building evolutionary relationships and trees.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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