Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Darn Hot...

We got out early enough today to hit the farmer's market and the early heat told us that it was going to be a "scorcher".  Appropriately enough, Ella Fitzgerald's Too Darn Hot (click link to listen to a 30s clip) came on our Last.fm radio channel during breakfast. Our extremely busy day yesterday and the heat of today helped Ayla and I decide that we would relax at home instead of joining Bob for his Sunday frisbee game. Which gives me some time to blog beyond my short iPhone posts.

Tomorrow Ayla will be 6 Weeks old. Each week I get more and more energy and ability to accomplish things. Bob has also decided to work from home once a week so that I can have at least one (mostly) uninterrupted day do things like jog and run errands - what a GREAT guy - but we all know this already :-) Only 4 more weeks before I have to start back to work, but "I can't think about that now. I'll think about it tomorrow."

Ayla is talking and socializing more and more (you could probably tell from my youtube videos) which is fun. At her last doctor appointment she was 7lbs already! She is a little more predictable so that we can schedule our lives a little better.

Everyone keeps asking if Alya is sleeping through the night and the answer is a big old NO. She eats almost every 3 hours like clockwork. Sometimes we give her a little more to eat so she would sleep longer, but that doesn't always work and if it does, we have to pick our poison. For example, do we want her to sleep from say 10-2:30ish or 1-5ish either way it's a short span of sleep and we are super tired zombies tending to her.

I just remembered that I wanted to share a great, inexpensive wine that Bob found. It's a Meritage , rhymes with heritage - yes it does - many people try to "Frenchify" the word pronouncing it similar to "garage". But it's an American made up word combining merit and heritage... but I digress. Anyway, it's a Meritage from Nine Points. It's the best "everyday" wine we've come across yet. Not surprisingly, Nine Points is a "child" winery of Stag's Leap. Read a review here: http://thecorkscrooge.com/2010/01/29/wow-2006-nine-points-meritage-scores-a-perfect-10/

Also, this coming weekend, our friends Jackie and Connor Bates will be visiting with their son Noah. We used to live in parallel apartments in Santana Row. Jackie and I both worked from home and would walk over to one another's place for a late afternoon cocktail concoction, mostly of the frozen kind. Poor Bob and Connor would come home from work to sticky kitchens and tipsy wives. But no matter what, our faces would hurt from laughing so hard. It was a sad sad day when they moved to away to Baltimore :-( In the last 3 years, Bob and or I have only run into either one or the other Bates briefly from coinciding business trips. So it will be nice to get everyone together again.

Well, goodbye until I get my next quiet afternoon to blog, who knows when that will be. But there will be many pictures in between for sure ;-)

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