Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not so Happy Birthday

Poor Bob. Two days before his birthday we found out that we had a water leak somewhere. Our neighbor is selling her place and found it during a walk through. Thank goodness. The neighbor had been renting her place out for the last year and the tenant hadn't noticed AT ALL. Our damage was finally found on our upper garage wall behind our xmas decoration boxes, so we wouldn't have found it until December!!

Plumbers came out (late) on his birthday and after two holes still couldn't find the leak. They came back on Tuesday and after two more holes found that we had a crack in the cast iron drain pipe that our master tub emptied into (i.e. it was nothing that we caused or could have prevented), it was the last thing we had suspected. We are still hassling with HOA insurance and our personal homeowners insurance. I hate insurance companies!!

Three of the four holes

The Culprit
Side note: between me back at work, Ayla still at home, plumber cracking holes all over the house and the contractors repairing wall/ceiling drywall, last week was a VERY tiring, VERY stressful week for me. Needless to say, Bob had a lame, sad (actual) birth DAY. At least we were able to celebrate the weekend before with Kenny and Heidi. Maybe we can do a make-up day when Grandma comes out next week?!

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