Friday, March 22, 2013

Disneyland Adventures

Ayla at the Castle

The Bibidi Bobidi Boutique Adventure...

First, pick out your dress

Then makeover

Kiss your prince

Finally photo ops

On our fav ride

Notice Bob's "First Timer" shirt pin ;-)

With Abuelita

Right before she crashed... poor Boo was SO SICK. For those of you who know her - she can go ALL day non-stop and she actually fell asleep in line - this is UNHEARD of. What's worse, as we decided to take her back to hotel, Cinderella walked RIGHT in front of her... her idol and she could not even pick her head up :-( guess we'll just have to go again.

Daddy and Ayla on some cars ride

World of Color show was awesome - it makes the Bellagio look like child's play...

Disney sprays tons of choreographed water and projects video on it. This is normally standing view only, but thanks to Heidi's friend, Krista, we got perfect seats (which immensely helped this prego who had been up since 5AM doing hair and makeup for my team's comp that day...)

Princess lunch - totally worth it to bypass the lines in the park - although Jasmine was a bee-och and didn't talk to the kids :-( Another great plan by Heidi (can you tell she's got the inside track!?)

Showing off our matching ears

Kenny is not really a roller coaster guy but was helping Bob out because I couldn't ride anything with him... Below on the California Screamin

The fam on the Ferris Wheel

Kenny and Gavin

The "we are too short or too pregnant to ride" club...

Fake redwood in Cali Adventure even though we have pictures with the real deals...

Shopping in our Disney gear

Ride home pit stop. Even though we put a pull up on her for car ride, she did great the whole trip - no accidents in big girl panties the entire trip!

Finally the result of the whole reason we were in Disneyland.... Cheerleading competition.

After the first comp, it was announced that we made finals... This means we had 2 hours to get 23 girls, out of the park, through Downtown Disney, eat lunch, review score sheets and back to the theater to perform AGAIN. We found out that we had been penalized -5.5 points - fyi - this is a lot - and we STILL made finals (top 4) out of 14 teams. Unfortunately the judges were claiming we had an illegal stunt. We fought the claim but they would not give us the points back and also found out that every judge had us in 1st before the deductions. The girls performed again, and even though there were bobbles - it was the best 2 consecutive performances they had done in weeks. The girls finally took 2nd and they have a lot to be proud of. It was a good ending to an amazing season with 23 girls who are beautiful both inside and out.

Btw - this was NOT the illegal stunt...

I am losing 19 of the 23 girls to high school. They were awesome to work with and had such "can do attitudes", i will miss this team. Sniff sniff - but I will not be sad because its over, but happy because it happened...

Video of their Finals Performance

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