Monday, May 6, 2013

Princess Party

Princess Party - Where do I begin??
All the princesses (well, the ones I could round up for the picture)
L to R: Addy, Hannah, Elyse, Sasha, Naimah, Morgan, Ayla, Hayes, Brynn and Gabriella

Can you imagine this picture 12 years in the future? We are in trouble. Conspiring Cousins

Face painting. 2 of my cheerleaders came to the party to help out. Mea and Tiffany. So sweet!

Mommy and Ayla (photo creds Mea!)
 Jumpy house all to herself

Dancing princess- mind you she hasn't even started any kind of dance class...

Dancing with School buddy, Naimah.

This video is so cute.
With Isaiah, Ayla's first friend.

Cinderella Sloan wielding a sword- I love this picture!!

Grandma time

Pooped out Princess

The bouncy house - of course it was princess themed too...

Princess cookies- Yes, I made them myself! I am surprised too. This was the best batch. 4th time is a charm.

The invitations - I had off cheerleading for 2 weeks (after Nationals and before tryouts). This is what I did with my spare time.

I made sashes for all the girls (I don't have a pic, other than Sloan above, but all the boys got swords and shields)

Getting clean in bubble bath - she was SO dirty at the end of the day.

Ariel dress from Grammy, sorry, it's Ariel's "Tail".

Started the day with princess balloons

Princess books from Pgh Cousins

Princess PJs from Grandad

Actual bday pic with Daddy

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  1. My dearest Ayla, if you get a choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance! Sweet Pricess girl.