Monday, January 18, 2010

24 Weeks Baby!

Does this baby make my butt look big? Ha!!!!!
Well, the holidays are over and looks like I had one too many cookies!! 20lbs worth of cookies to be exact.

Yes I've already gained 20lbs. Honestly I don't FEEL that heavy but the scale does not lie. The doctor said it is very typical for small women to gain a lot and given my starting weight, she would be fine as long as I came in under 40lbs!!! Whoa - mental preparation for that.

I have to say that after all the parties and running around, it feels really good to get back on a routine of healthy dinners and excercise and just a routine of daily life in general.

I really haven't been jogging because it's been chilly and drizzly here - I jog outside at the track (this comment seems absolutely ridiculous when my friend, Jeanienne, has been training for a marathon in the sub-zero temps and snow of NYC this winter... Amazing!!!). As for keeping up, I do still take my weight training class and step class - though I have toned down my exertion in the step class FOR SURE.

Also now that we've put the holidays behind us and baby bump has really made herself known... it's time to focus on our extra room and how we will accomodate the 3rd briski into our small house.

As for maternity leave I have to take 4 of the 10-12 weeks before the baby is born (10 if normal delivery, 12 if C-section). At first I thought this was an IBM rule and I was really ticked off, but apparently it is some California rule. So - I'll have some time on my hands in April!!!!!!
Visit anyone?

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