Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

This post is for Bob. Happy Father's Day, Babe.
Ayla has no idea how lucky she is, thank you for being a great Dad.

Bob and his little monkey walking back from "Art Walk Friday" in Campbell.Tough-love, you can see we don't "baby" her, she seemed to get over the fall pretty quickly. What's also funny, is that Ayla definitely walks like my Grandpap Kovacs, cracks me up.

Here you go, Daddy (she only dropped it 3 times before giving it to Bob)

Hint: Bob's father's day gifts were grill-related. He loves this thing.
So on Father's day, we cooked a whole chicken on the grill.
My mom sent him a grill cover keeping in-theme

Father's Day Sangria

Enjoying the great outdoors...

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