Monday, September 17, 2012

8 miles... We (Bob) did it!!

Na Pali coast, Kalalau trail to the Hanakapiai Falls.
This picture really canNOT show the accomplishment. Really.
8 mile hike. HIKE. Not walking, but 8 miles of slippery, vertical rocks. 7 hours of Ankle-twisting, quad-burning, knee-stressing miles and Bob did it all with our little cannon ball, Ayla Jeanne, on his back. Yes she was on his back for 7 hours.
Bob and Ayla were the "talk of the trail". The most common comment was "best seat in the house!" or "can you carry me?" or "I'm embarrassed that I'm tired!" Or just "whoa!" (once people realized there was more than a backpack but actually a huge toddler on his back).
A couple people actually cheered when Bob walked out of the trailhead and another guy took his picture (seriously)!

Amazing views and sights the whole hike (upload to Flickr after we return) But minimal phone pics because you cannot linger, knowing you need to keep moving. You make friends keeping your pace along the way - really. Even strangers walking the other direction, extend and lend a hand to help you across that slippery ledge. Tree branches that you grab for balance have a fine polish on them from all the hiker hands before you.
We left at 9:30AM and returned at 4:30PM with only a 30 min stop. Misting rain along the way kept it cool but very slippery.
Rainbow says hello
This is an easy part where I could snap a pic
There was a smell of sweet guava almost the whole hike. I finally picked the perfect one from a tree but Bob didn't let me eat it - well, his exact words were, "I'm only carrying one person out of here".
Beach 1/4 of the way on the hike too dangerous to swim
Na Pali coast
Did I mention the ants?? Oh yeah, millions - during the first and last 2 miles you cannot stop walking because they crawl up on your shoes. I channeled Indiana Jones and his snake fears - you just have to keep moving and not think about it. Even Bob was creeped out. Treading knee deep through the stream was a welcomed task after the ants! We actually crossed this stream maybe 4 times during the switchback trail. Refreshing each time.

At the end of the trail, a guy pulls up his truck and sells coconuts out of the back, he uses a machete to cut them and supplies you with a straw so you can drink the refreshing coconut water - best $5 I've ever spent!
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