Monday, September 17, 2012

Lumahai Beach Rocks

This beach is definitely a family fav... Something for everyone and it's So gorgeous

Amazing lava reef that, for the most part, protects the beach from high pounding waves.


The lava pools are also mini "hot tubs" of water with fun sea life for keiki (kids) to explore

You have a small hike to get here, but it's out-of-this-world colors and things to do/see, I didn't sit by the umbrella once all day

PS Mom, Patty, Jackie... The water was a thousand times calmer than last year!!!

So energizing

YouTube Video

Big jump (more video to come later with underwater cam)

YouTube Video

This beach was made famous by the movie "South Pacific" when Mitzi Gaynor washed that man right out of her hair...

Ended the day with a shake, a lucky rainbow and an AMAZING (champagne) sunset over Hanalei... Life is good

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