Saturday, August 10, 2013

Birth Plan

Well, I'm officially 0-2 for inducing my babies. Both pregnancies my Dr planned to induce and both girls decided they would come on their own.
Ayla's planned inducement was because of my gestational diabetes, Zara's planned inducement was because... Well I like to plan (and so does my Dr).
Thursday morning 8/8 I had contractions about 10 mins apart but they subsided and I went about my day. We even went to (maybe our last for summer) Music in the Park.

We knew we had to check in to the hospital at 7:30 AM.
So we went to bed at 10:30-11 for our last good night of sleep for a while... Right? Wrong. 2:30AM I woke up from contraction pains. I tried to ignore them and sleep it off. At 3:00 I decide to start timing. At 4:00 they were 7 mins apart on the dot and by 5:30 some 5 to 6 mins apart. I called hospital and they said to just stay home until the 7:30 appointment.
We came in and they hooked up the monitor and saw Zara had a beautiful contraction pattern. My doctor decided to come by and break my water at 9 instead of administering the pitocin. Once the water broke my own hormones kicked in even more. I went from 3-6 cm in 1 hour. I received my epidural about 10:30 and at noon my dr came by and said oh! You're at 10cm and her head is ready- let's have the baby! Zara Rose was born within 2 contractions about ~7mins at 12:29 PM. 6 lbs 10 oz. (7 more ounces than Ayla - that is 7 more ounces of cupcakes, cookies and ice cream that I couldn't have with Ayla's pregnancy)

Daddy did a MUCH better job cutting the cord and actually the whole process was SO much smoother than the first - Mainly because they actually believed I was in labor this time without having the Pitocin.
Speaking of which, when we checked in that morning I got to see the nurse who saved my life 3 years ago - I said, "are you Elizabeth?" When she said yes, I told her how amazing she was and that when she came on shift 3 years ago she was the only one who believed me, called the dr immediately and told the other nurses that I was going to have the baby within 30 mins!! Gotta love great nurses xo.
Pregnancy summary I gained 30 lbs on the dot, 4 more pounds than with Ayla. Time to start using the new Bob stroller!
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