Friday, August 23, 2013

MITP: Music in the Park

Well another full summer of Music in the Park has come to an end. Ayla looks forward to this event ALL YEAR. Seriously. The patch of lawn in front of the library is the "music-in-the-park park". In February she was already planning her "blue dress" outfit!
It's also fun that friend and neighbor, Abrie, looks forward to it as much as we do - it helps to get there with a friend to stake out the coveted grass spot! (Even though MITP starts at 6:30, people start arriving as early as 3:00.)
It was so awesome that Ayla's old daycare pal Isaiah could come celebrate the last MITP with her.

These two picked up like they never lost a beat. At the beginning after a quick snack, Isaiah stood up and said, "Ayla, would you like to dance with me?" I was so sweet and so polite like some movie middle school moment!
Eat, wrestle, dance - repeat.
Dancing and kisses for daddy...

YouTube Video

The goodbye kiss and reaction deserves its own video...

YouTube Video

Abrie and Zara coordinated hair pieces ;-) note big sister in the lower right coming in for the smother.

Tosses by daddy

Loved our Latimer posse group this year!!
Other MITP recap pics from this summer...
Selfie with Grandma and Jerry in the background..

Zara's first MITP


Ayla with neighbor and school friend Gideon...


Gideon pushing Ayla in a car...

Dance moves...

Night before Zara was born... Oh why didn't I get a belly pic?

Taking care of joe...

Rolling on the new grass

Daddy's Birthday

I know this looks bad, but it's pomegranate juice, I swear.

Swinging with Joe

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