Wednesday, December 16, 2009

19 weeks

Half way there! Well almost. This is me and my bump at 19 weeks on my way to Bob's Holiday Party at Chez TJ, rated 2 Michelin Stars. It was a fun experience considering I don't even get so much as a holiday cookie at IBM. I had the BEST ever Moscato di Asti - which is saying a lot - because that's my FAV. Dana, if you read this, I hope you are saying "mosssscaaaatooo" while pulling your hair. This was truly a "bathing quality" moscato. I had Chez TJ write it down for me, but don't have it at my finger tips as I write this. I'll have to post an update on what it was... yum! If I wasn't preggers, I'd probably have drank a whole bottle of it myself, on a positive note - Bob had a designated driver for the way home :-)
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  1. Ummm. MOSCATO di Asti. Grazie bella. Glad you enjoyed it. Pregnant Italian women drink 1 glass of wine per day. REALLY. Just wanted to let you kno.

  2. I LOVE this dress! If only I lived closer to your closet...

  3. Enjoy going out now. Those days are numbered. On the bright side your drinking will increase dramatically, after the little one arrives.

  4. So so excited for ou! You look beautiful, truly beaming! I am so thrilled to get to watch you on this new amazing journey with Bob! Thanks for blogging! xoxo