Monday, December 28, 2009

21 Weeks and All the Holiday Treats I Can Eat!

Well, it's over the hump-bump! And I have not relented on the sweets this holiday. In fact I went for an Xmas morning jog just because I'm sure my butt was turning into the 3 chocolate mousse cakes I've had within the last week (This does not include the 3 [mini] red velvet cupcakes I inhaled at a party either!)

I headed to the track next to our house and was able to jog 2 miles, but took a break between each mile for butt and arm conditioning. I am definitely slowing down. It was a beautiful Christmas day for a jog - perfect blue skies, sunny and about 58 degrees.

My "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" (THANKS SOOZE!!) said not to exercise at all because "you're going to get big anyway". But honestly, it's not about the size... it's about how I FEEL. And let me tell you, I felt a LOT better about the Ruffles, french onion dip, Jelly Bellies, cookies and spinach dip I ate after my run! LOL

Lots of holiday parties and events this season! Thanks to the Moeller's and the Duenow's for including us in on your family and friends tradition.

On Christmas day, we headed over to my brother Kenny's house for aforementioned feast with them and Heidi's Uncle Timmy and his family who helped us build a list of girl names... we are taking any and all suggestions!

I am serious about suggestions... as many of you know, we have a 9 year old cat named "Kitty" because we could not agree on a name and after 3 days, the cat only came to "Here Kitty!"

Then again, maybe "Baby" will stick. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" If you don't know that quote - shame on you ;-)

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