Monday, March 8, 2010

29 Weeks and Gestational Diabetes

A couple weeks ago I found out that I failed my 2nd glucose stress test. This means I have gestational diabetes, I have been meaning to blog about this, but have been so busy!

My fasting blood sugar was great so that was good news. The doctor said my sugars weren't too far off and felt this could be controlled with diet and exercise rather than insulin - which was great news. Also we were told this is very different than diabetes in that the placenta is reacting with my body and liver changing the way I process sugars. This will go away after I have the baby - although I am at a slight risk of developing diabetes later in life - but again controlled diet and exercise could negate this risk.

Also when we had gone for the ultrasound when Arlene was visiting, the sonogram guy said he was shocked to hear I had GD because the level of amniotic fluid was normal (in Gestational Diabetes you would see extra fluid around the baby, or so he says) and further, Baby Girl Briski's stomach circumference was on the thin side - or about week behind her "estimated gestational age" (whereas babies tend to be bigger and heftier with GD).

To take care the GD, I had to go to a special clinic to talk about a diet plan and get all the equipment to check my blood sugar. Basically I check my blood 4 times a day: 1) Fasting, first thing in the morning, 2)1 hour after breakfast, 3)1 hour after lunch and 4) 1 hour after dinner. I have to record the numbers, my meals and my snacks. The diet was nothing new to us, actually it's how we normally eat - I just now have to watch the starches and not indulge in the pregnant treats I had been allowing myself, no more milkshakes or chocolate treats - Boooo.

Apparently the placental reaction for digesting carbs is worse in the MORNING so you are supposed to avoid carbs in the morning - this is backwards to my normal dietary day - Normally I have things like Kashi, whole grain toast or fruit to start my day. Also, absolutely no juice. Again, normally I didn't have juice, but since I've been preggers I'd been drinking juice instead of coffee in the morning. One morning I was miserably eating scrambled eggs with water and wondered why eggs have to taste so "eggy". I mean, scrambled eggs and water... YUCK. Also, poor Bob was going to make a concious effort to cut all dairy out of his diet and now my diet is VERY dairy rich...

Though this whole GD is bummer news, I kinda like checking my sugar after I eat, it's like a little science experiment. I try to see what I can eat and keep my sugars normal. For example, when following the diet very strictly my sugars were actually below the normal range so I started to add things back to my meals like an apple with breakfast or an orange with lunch - so far so good! Good bye scrambled eggs and water!!

UPDATE 3/4/10: I went back to the clinic for my 1 week check up and my fasting blood sugar has been so good I don't have to check that in the morning anymore! Also I have been so good, I had asked if I could cheat for my baby shower (uh hem... cupcakes!!) and she said "yes"!

Lastly, Bob and I have been laughing about my poor belly button... We keep trying to imitate what it looks like, or rather, what face would my belly button make if it were a person. We imagine that it's saying "oh, nooooo!" I'll leave you with that! LOL

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