Thursday, March 25, 2010

The name game

BGB still does not have a name. It may surprise everyone to know that a perfectly valid name has been picked by me but the Kari Gestapo shot it down. "What is this name and how many of my own children may I use it for?" I hear you asking. Well, I normally wouldn't do this but since it's clear that none of my progeny will feel the warmth of it's everlasting glow, you may use it. The name to end all names is, of course, Roberta. "But, how will I teach her humility when she is the envy of everyone she meets?" you ask. First, I say, look at you with all the questions. Second, humility is the yoke that all of you had hoisted upon you when your parents decided not to name you Robert or Roberta or your ethnicity's equivalent thereof. Obviously I am unqualified to answer your question about this thing you call humility.


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  1. Isn't it OBVIOUS that this post was NOT written by me!!! LOL