Monday, March 15, 2010

Berry Sweet Baby Shower!

This is me at my baby shower, 31 weeks prego. It was a very fun shower or should I say it was a "Berry Fun" shower ;-)
My mom flew in from Pittsburgh with suitcases full of surprises. Custom cookies, toys from my childhood and onesies/puffy paint for everyone to decorate. The shower was at Twist Bistro in Campbell. A little french restaurant within walking distance of our house.
Pink place mats, various pink Gerber Daisy's, pomegranate Pink Champagne drinks, chocolate dipped strawberries, pink cookies shaped like onesies, red velvet and berry berry cupcakes and my old Strawberry Shortcake toys completed the theme!
Also, my friends Ellen and Amy flew in from TX which made it super special because I know that they have (big) families of their own and it's not easy to get away. Even if it was a quickie it was great having them visit!
Actually a lot of friends came together and provided me with more gifts than I know what to do with... literally - I have no idea what to do with some of this baby stuff - but I'm sure I'll learn.
Thanks to Mom, Abrie, Amy, Courtney, Ellen, Fiona, Heidi, Shoshana, Shaye, Stacia and Tara for coming, celebrating, the great gifts and drinking in front of me... LOL My only regret was that we didn't grab a group picture! ugh! But maybe we'll all get together again for an "I popped this baby out party". Courtney has already volunteered her house so I've already eagerly RSVP'd ;-)
Also thanks to everyone who sent gifts - especially for putting up with my slim registry. My friend Shannon has already yelled at me about this so you don't have to! Anything I received ahead of time, I saved and opened at the shower for extra fun. There is only one problem... If you ordered off of Babies R Us registry, there has been no documentation of WHO sent the gift!! Even the pre-wrapped gifts... There have been shipping docs, but no "FROM". So if you did buy us something from BRU please let me know what you bought so I can properly thank you :-)

***UPDATE*** Ellen's blog: thoughts and pictures from the shower
Also, I compiled a short video montage for you to peek into the shower!

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