Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arlene Visit

Bob's mom, Arlene, came to visit us for a little while for her anual February trip. Birthday trip mixed the general desire to escape all things gray and snowy in Pittsburgh, especially this year!

We did lots of things, but one activity that we were able to do with both Arlene and my mom, Jeanne, was to take each to a sonogram of the baby. Since they are both so far away we wanted each grandma to be able to share and take a peek into a little piece of the pregnancy. Even though their visits were about 2-3 weeks apart, at each sonogram, Baby Girl Briski had her hands in front of her face for most of the time.

All in all everything looked good. She's got a big head - Arlene and I both pointed at Bob at the same time. Physically that comes from Bob, but egotistically, we don't know yet, but that might come from me LOL

Other activities included a famous Stacia Facial, visiting a local winery, bocce, walking around Santa Cruz and lounging on the deserted winter boardwalk and going to San Francisco to see Golden Gate Park.


Beach ViewGolden Gate Park, Japanese Tea House

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